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The Future of Fundraising

The fundraising master class you've been waiting for.


The Future of Fundraising

The fundraising master class you've been waiting for.


fundraising is a beast.

Raising money is more difficult than it ever has been.

You are competing with more organizations. Donors are behaving in challenging ways. And technology is creating a brand new set of best practices.

You have to become more efficient and effective. 

welcome to your new playbook.

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everything you need

Lessons, tools, guides, case studies, personalized feedback, and more.

everything you need

Lessons, tools, guides, case studies, personalized feedback, and more.


New Best Practices

Fundraising is changing and in order to reach potential donors and maximize your ask, you need to understand and use the approaches that work best. We will cover which timeless techniques still work and which cutting edge tactics to add to your arsenal.

Easy to Implement

Many systems for nonprofit fundraising claim to be simple, but are actually clunky and not efficient. We present the most effective, easy-to-use tools, break them down into tangible steps, and
provide detailed timelines for

See Real Results

Save your organization time and money by using approaches that are proven to work. We will help you to identify and get your message out to people who will value your work. This course presents the best techniques for both engaging and retaining donors.


You will have lifetime access to
everything we cover:

9 hours of exclusive video lessons
3 hours of high-value Q&A
6 complete presentation slide decks
3 custom fundraising guidebooks
Ongoing invitations to private fundraising strategy calls


Each week you will receive a complete package of materials, including your two hours of video lesson, guidebooks, slides, and detailed Q&A audio.


You will join peers from orgs like...


the new best practices

Learn how to start implementing them today.

the new best practices

Learn how to start implementing them today.



Week 1



How to Design Your Ideal Donor Experience

Donor engagement and retention are more important than ever. You will learn techniques for increasing the lifetime value of your audience by better attracting, engaging, and retaining your donors.

  • Understanding the stages of donor engagement
  • Tailoring messages for the three types of donors
  • The importance of making the best initial impression
  • Effective free tools for attracting a broad base of supporters
  • How to differentiate your donor's experience so each person invests in your organization
  • Designing the right donation incentives
  • The Absolute Best Free Tech Tools for Nonprofits guide (exclusive resource!)

Week 2



How to raise more money by writing better copy

The smallest details in your writing can make the difference between a prospect choosing to give to your organization or move on. This course covers proven copywriting techniques to inspire action and raise more money.

  • Developing your eye for strong copy
  • Composing great appeals (so people give)
  • Which small edits can provide the biggest returns
  • How direct mail still fits into your strategy
  • Successfully tailoring your writing for different mediums
  • Managing risk and reputation in nonprofit messaging
  • Useful tools for improving your copy
  • 11 Ridiculously Useful Copywriting Secrets for Nonprofits (exclusive resource!)

Week 3



How to do more in less time with automation

Too often development staff are burdened with time-consuming tasks that take them away from other responsibilities. We’ll show you how to apply automations so your team has the time to focus on their most important activities.

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  • Identifying the right tasks to automate
  • How even small automations can save you a lot of time 
  • Step-by-step guide to setting up your first automation
  • Giving your automations a human touch
  • Overcoming the nonprofit sector’s challenges and critiques
  • Balancing your automation with personal communication
  • The best free non-technical platforms to use
  • Building an Automated Donor Referral Program guide (exclusive resource!)

Week 4



How to run successful crowdfunding campaigns

Find out exactly what it takes to plan, launch, and exceed the goal of your crowdfunding campaign. Plus, how to use your campaign to engage prospects and donors, as well as maximize public awareness of your work.

  • What you need to do before you launch a campaign
  • Why crowdfunding is about more than money
  • Understanding the potential and limitations of crowdfunding for nonprofits
  • Insider’s tips for exceeding your campaign goal 
  • The necessity of a private launch
  • Which type of platform is right for your organization
  • Tips and tools for capturing and maintaining momentum
  • How to retain your supporters when the campaign ends

Week 5



How to optimize your fundraising

We'll show you how - with zero technical skill - you can setup, track and optimize your donor flow. And, of course, we'll give you the exact tools you need to start optimizing immediately. 

  • How small changes can raise more money
  • Preparing your materials for automation
  • Setting up your first A/B test
  • Techniques for optimizing your message
  • Designing a compelling online giving experience
  • Developing appropriate techniques for improving each donor phase
  • Optimizations Every Nonprofit Should Know guide (exclusive resource!)

Week 6


How to leverage your millennial donors

Engaging your Millennial supporters requires creativity, flexibility, and a long-term vision. We’ll walk you through how to shape your messaging, understand their perspective, and utilize their unique skills to help you raise more money.

  • Recognizing Millennials as a donor segment
  • Understanding the benefits of their giving habits
  • Making the most of their digital expertise 
  • The psychology of engaging Millennials in your nonprofit
  • Valuing their interest in transparency
  • Building a movement around your cause
  • What it takes to leverage Millennials' social networks
  • Realizing the full lifetime value of Millennials

Your instructors

Your instructors

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Kyle is a social entrepreneur whose work combines a love of design, social science, and technology into a unique and powerful perspective for solving social issues.

Kyle is also the founder of the global innovation community, Dwilly, where he's curated 3,000+ social innovation concepts from roboticists, entrepreneurs, social workers, and designers around the world. He has consulted with foundations and nonprofits, as well as presented on design, data and social innovation at conferences of all sizes.

Kyle's current labor of love is The Design of Difference, his forthcoming book detailing counterintuitive and successful design strategies from companies like Nest and Duolingo.


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Rebecca is a progressive communications, policy, and fundraising strategist. She has led major national and local projects with nonprofits, businesses, filmmakers, and museums for over a decade. 

Rebecca is also the Co-Director of the Western PA Fund for Choice, a nonprofit that provides financial assistance to women seeking reproductive care. She has successfully executed multiple nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns, including one that raised over $50,000. She has led significant membership growth initiatives as well as created nationally recognized programs on women's issues and public safety.

Rebecca is an expert in designing and implementing communications strategy and works closely with a variety of cause organizations.

Her innovative work has been highlighted in national media outlets including Upworthy, Grist, and Mother Jones

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Ready to Raise More?

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Yeah, definitely! Some of the ones we like most are:

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