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The Future of Fundraising

the only master class designed exclusively for nonprofit fundraising


The Future of Fundraising

the only master class designed exclusively for nonprofit fundraising


fundraising is a beast.

Raising money is more difficult than it ever has been.

You are competing with more organizations. There are an expanding number of platforms to choose from. And this technology is creating a brand new set of best practices.

To keep up, you need to be more efficient and effective.

welcome to your new playbook.

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everything you need

lessons, tools, guides, case studies, personalized feedback, and more.

everything you need

lessons, tools, guides, case studies, personalized feedback, and more.


New Best Practices

Fundraising is changing, and in order reach potential donors and maximize your ask, you need to understand and use the approaches that work best. We will cover which timeless techniques still work, and which cutting edge tactics to add to your arsenal.

Easy to Implement

Many systems for nonprofit fundraising claim to be simple, but are actually clunky and not efficient. We present the most effective, easy-to-use tools, break them down into tangible steps, and
provide detailed timelines for

See Real Results

Save your organization time and money by using approaches that are proven to work on a variety of platforms. This course presents comprehensive techniques for engaging prospects, converting more donors, and retaining their ongoing support. 


Your organization will have lifetime access to everything we cover:

10+ hours of exclusive video presentations
2+ hours of high-value Q&A
5 complete presentation slide decks
3 custom fundraising guidebooks
Ongoing invitations to private fundraising strategy calls


raise more this year.


the new best practices

Learn how to start implementing them today.

the new best practices

Learn how to start implementing them today.



Week 1



How to Design Your Ideal Donor Experience

Donor engagement and retention are more important than ever. Using design, communications, and psychology techniques, you will learn how to increase the lifetime value of your audience by better attracting, engaging, and retaining donors.

  • Selecting the right onboarding process to increase donor retention
  • Designing donor incentives
  • Impacting the most important equation in fundraising
  • The best tools to attract and convert more prospects
  • Perfecting the donor's initial experience
  • How to provide a unique donor experience
  • The Absolute Best Free Tech Tools for Nonprofits guide (exclusive resource!)

Week 2



how to raise more money by writing better copy

The smallest details in your writing can make the difference between a prospect choosing to give to your organization or more on. This course covers proven copywriting techniques inspire action to raise more money.

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  • Developing your eye for great copy
  • How small edits produce big returns
  • Why copy-first design always does best
  • Crafting a better direct mail appeal
  • Writing engaging digital communications
  • Drafting compelling copy (so people invest)
  • Managing risk and reputation in nonprofit copy
  • Resources that will help fix your copy
  • 11 Ridiculously Useful Copywriting Secrets for Nonprofits (exclusive resource!)

Week 3



how to save time and DO MORE WITH AUTOMATON

Too often development staff are charged with an enormous array of tasks, each one of which requires several time consuming follow-ups. We’ll explain how to use tools to automate the communications and actions that will benefit you the most, so your team has the time to focus on their highest value efforts.

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  • The HUGE benefits of tiny automations
  • Understanding the sector’s challenges and critiques
  • Identifying the right tasks for automation
  • The best free non-technical automation platforms
  • A step-by-step guide to set up your first automation
  • Implementing invaluable backend automations
  • Designing effective public engagement automations
  • Building an Automated Donor Referral Program guide (exclusive resource!)

Week 4




Are there additional projects or campaigns that you would do if you had the funding and public buy-in? Find out what it takes to strategize, launch, execute, and exceed the goal of your crowdfunding campaign. Plus, how to use your campaign to engage prospects and donors, and maximize public awareness of your work.

  • Understanding campaign potentials and limitations
  • Why crowdfunding is about more than money
  • What you need to do before you launch a campaign
  • Insider’s tips for exceeding your campaign goal 
  • How a private launch can make or break your campaign
  • Selecting incentives that supporters want (and won't break the bank)
  • Essential elements for presenting a cohesive campaign 
  • Tips and tools for capturing and maintaining momentum
  • Retaining your contributors after the campaign ends

Week 5




Successful targeted fundraising campaigns and ongoing asks are well-timed and developed, yet still retain the flexibility to modify your strategy when appropriate. Using a combination of hands-on communications and automated analytics we'll give you the tools you need to start optimizing immediately. 

  • Small back-end changes that help raise more money
  • Timing your asks to produce a bigger impact
  • Hands-on actions that are worth your time
  • What to know about optimizing before automating
  • How to setup your first A/B test
  • Designing your online checkout experience
  • How to develop your donor onboarding process
  • Simple ways to improve offline content
  • Optimizations Every Nonprofit Should Know guide (exclusive resource!)

Week 6




Maximizing the value of your Millennial supporters requires creativity, flexibility, and a long-term lens. We’ll walk you through innovative methods for engaging them in your work, enhancing your public profile, and raising more money.

  • Understanding Millennials as a donor segment
  • Making the most of their digital expertise 
  • The surprising psychology of engaging Millennials
  • Conveying the importance of your mission
  • Gems from the old playbook that still work
  • What it takes to leverage Millennials' social networks
  • The new buzzword — transparency
  • Taking the long view on building lifelong supporters

Your instructors

Your instructors

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Kyle is a social entrepreneur, whose work combines a love of design, social science, and technology into a unique and powerful perspective for solving social issues.

He is the Co-Founder of Balsa, a new startup with a novel approach for scaling quality fundraising, design, and communications content in the nonprofit sector. Kyle is also the founder of the global innovation community Dwilly, where he's curated 3,000+ social innovation concepts from roboticists, entrepreneurs, social workers, and designers around the world. He has consulted with foundations and nonprofits, as well as presented on design, data and social innovation at conferences of all sizes.

Kyle's current labor of love is The Design of Difference, his forthcoming book detailing counterintuitive and successful design strategies from companies like Nest and Duolingo.




Rebecca is a progressive communications, policy, and fundraising strategies who has led major national and local projects with nonprofits, businesses, filmmakers, and museums for more than a decade. 

She is the Co-Founder of Balsa, a unique model of providing communications, design, and fundraising tools for nonprofits. Rebecca has successfully executed multiple nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns, including one that raised over $50,000. She has led significant membership growth initiatives, and created nationally recognized program's on women's issues and public safety.

Rebecca is an expert in designing and implementing communications strategy who works closely with cause organizations, and her innovative work has been highlighted in national media outlets including PBS, Upworthy, and Mother Jones

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Ready to Raise More?

Registration is a breeze.

Ready to Raise More?

Registration is a breeze.



Is this course right for me?

Most likely. If you've read this far and you're still curious, there is a good chance that you would get a lot out of participating. If you are facing an uncertain funding climate and are looking for a new set of tools and strategies for raising much needed funds, then The Future of Fundraising is probably right for you. 

Can I get a special discount code for my members or followers?

If you believe your members are facing difficult funding challenges right now and that they might find the lessons and resources in The Future of Fundraising valuable, we're happy to discuss setting up a discount. Please get in touch as soon as possible.  


Will The Future of Fundraising ever be offered again?

Right now, we have no plans to offer The Future of Fundraising again. This is it.  Our goal is to give you lifetime access to the most comprehensive and valuable modern fundraising course so you'll have everything you need to succeed in this new world. In other words, now's your shot. 

Have another question?

Feel free to email Kyle Crawford directly.